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The 12th International Pragmatics Conference (Manchester, 3-8 July 2011)

Dear Colleagues,

The 12th International Pragmatics Conference is only three weeks away. I am sure that those who are planning to attend are busy preparing for the paper to present, and packing for the trip.

For the first time in the IPrA history there will be a Presidential Lecture on the first day of the conference, July 3 from 14:15. The title and the abstract can be found in the Conference page of this website. Since I am going to talk about 'Ba (field)' theory, some new idea for thinking, you might find it interesting to read the article on the theory of 'ba (field)' written by Professor Ohtsuka (and translated by me). Therefore, I am attaching the paper here.

Looking forward to seeing you at Manchester.

[PDF: On Ba Theory]

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