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Continuing the Conversation

I am delighted to say that IPrA has kindly allowed me to keep my website hosted on its server. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue contact with my friends from around the world. During my presidency, many people contacted me expressing interest in IPrA. Some wanted some information or advice and others wanted to discuss academic matters, including my Presidential Lecture on the theory of 'ba.'

Over the past few years, people in countries such as Morocco, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran and Pakistan have approached me. Our understanding of these primarily Islamic cultures is unfortunately somewhat poor. The people who have contacted me are interested in the IPrA but may not have had the opportunity to attend the bi-annual IPrAI conferences. Therefore, I am delighted to be communicating with them through my website.

In light of the vision of this association, it is essential that we let the wind blow multi-directionally from all parts of the world in order to improve our understanding of all people on Earth. I am pleased that our new President Jan-Ola expressed his intention to continue multi-directional dialogue in his first message as President.

I shall be waiting to hear from you on this website. I look forward to reading your messages with all my heart and I am sure we can achieve a wonderful dialogue together.

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